Dying Flame

March 22 2021

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About Us

Gamers at Heart

With the dawn of the Internet of Things and moving in to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, entertainment has to keep pace with the Revolution.


Welcome to RoundTable Games Studio. Have a seat at our table and we’ll tell you a little about ourselves.


At RTGS, we have one vision, and one purpose: - To make games that will keep players awake all night, pondering every decision and how it will affect the story that they experience.


We innovate with stories, mechanics and design that give players fun, satisfaction and a sense of achievement that will last until they pick up our next title.

Our Project

                             Dying Flame

                                 Project Town

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March 2021

Our protagonist awakens in a strange mansion. His only possessions are a lighter and a handful of cigarettes. Light your way, explore, and solve the puzzles to uncover his story. 

Narrative/Story Focus

  • The Exploration of what Addiction feels like

  • The fear and stress of the unknown

  • What they will sacrifice for the addiction


  • Psychological horror

  • Exploration

  • Puzzle solving


TBA 2022

Our Protagonist awakes, when the war is over. But this is not his world… is it? Start exploring cities, meet people, learn their history, culture and magic. These are the tools and weapons to fight civilization threatening monsters. 

Narrative/Story Focus

  • Explore what makes up human civilization.

  • Learn the history and lore of a world including people and cultures. 

  • Every choice will influence events and setting of the world.


  • Single Player Role Playing Game

  • Exploration

  • Action Adventure 

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Game Design

  • Core loops, mechanics & systems 

  • Characters & World building 

  • Monetization

Our Service

Narrative & Storyboarding

  • Creating a narrative that will keep players engaged throughout


Mobile App Design

  • Creating the app features 

  • User interface layout

  • User experience design