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Amnesiac Adventure

Dying Flame

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About Us

Gamers at Heart

With the dawn of the Internet of Things and moving in to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, entertainment has to keep pace with the Revolution.


Welcome to RoundTable Games Studio. Have a seat at our table and we’ll tell you a little about ourselves.


At RTGS, we have one vision, and one purpose: - To make games that will keep players awake all night, pondering every decision and how it will affect the story that they experience.


We innovate with stories, mechanics and design that give players fun, satisfaction and a sense of achievement that will last until they pick up our next title.

Our Projects

Dying Flame

My Adventurer Guild

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Amnesiac Adventure

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March 2021

Our protagonist awakens in a strange mansion. His only possessions are a lighter and a handful of cigarettes. Light your way, explore, and solve the puzzles to uncover his story. 

Narrative/Story Focus

  • The Exploration of what Addiction feels like

  • The fear and stress of the unknown

  • What they will sacrifice for the addiction


  • Psychological horror

  • Exploration

  • Puzzle solving

TBA 2024

You play as a guild master of newly founded adventurers’ guild, where you supervised the needs of the adventurers and the accomplishment of quests. You will also manage the allocation of resources and the development of the guilds, all the while experience the day-to-day lives of a multitude of character and their stories. 

Narrative/Story Focus

  • Manage Adventurers and their daily task

  • Weapons / armor and potions has to arrange and apply to adventurers for their travel


  • Single Player Sandbox Style gameplay

  • Management style game

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March 2022

Our adventurer ventures into the heart of the mountain, to complete a quest. Upon the cusp of success, he loses his memories and forget his mission! Unknown to our stalwart adventurer, the imprisoned Demon of Doubt pulls the strings, sowing seeds of doubt into the gaps of our hero’s memories, and fabricates a new reality, one that will facilitate their freedom. Will our adventurer recall his true memories and prevent the release of the Demon of Doubt?

Narrative/Story Focus

  • Everything works like any other puzzle game, except it’s backwards

  • Actions speak louder than words. What you do will have consequences


  • Single Player

  • Puzzle solving

  • Adventure

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Our Service


Game Design

  • Core loops, mechanics & systems 

  • Characters & World building 

  • Monetization

Narrative & Storyboarding

  • Creating a narrative that will keep players engaged throughout


Mobile App Design

  • Creating the app features 

  • User interface layout

  • User experience design

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